Brushes and brush battens

If you are looking for brushes & brush battens, you are at the right address at Bouman’s.

We offer you original Heidelberg, MAN, Oxydry washing brushes.borstel 

These brushes are attractively priced and offer an extraordinary quality, according to the manufacturer. We can segment this quality for these washing brushes, which means the outside of the brush can be equipped with a stronger fibre, in order to clean the borders and the structure even faster.

The advantage of our system is that you do not need to purchase new brush cores; you can easily reuse the ones delivered by the manufacturer of the washing system.

Other suppliers oblige you to buy new brush cores on which only the segments of the supplier can be mounted. 

Brush battens and strips

borstellattenAre you looking for a brush for your folding device, your conveyer belt or any other application at a very good price?

No problem at all! Just ask about the possibilities for the right brush to fit the right application: brushes made of natural hair, synthetic fibres, brass, steel or a combination of these materials. 

We also supply special brushes for cleaning conveyer belts.